24 January 2017

I am a fan of CSLA and I recently came accross a need to make a shiny CSLA business layer work nicely within the context of an ASP.NET Core application. This post is aimed at CSLA developers with a similar need. As of the current release, there are a few things that you will need to take care of in order to get CSLA working smoothly, and I will cover those in this post.

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What’s this about?

This is about TagHelper’s in ASP.NET Core, and how to get more flexible @addTagHelper directives.

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DnnPackager - v2.0.6
19 March 2016

DnnPackager Release -v2.0.6

A short post to announce that a new minor release of DnnPackager is out.

You can find the release notes here explaining what’s new:

For an introduction to DnnPackager in general see here

Special thanks to @nvisionative for requesting this feature.

I have been doing some work on DnnPackager recently, and I’ve come accross the concept of “Source” packages. I have to admit I am not entirely new to these, but I’ve never personally used them for my projects in the past.

Source packages are basically identical to the ordinary install zip’s for your dnn module / extension, i.e you “install” them into your Dnn site like any other install package, except that they also include “source code” files within them, like .cs, .vb files etc.

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This post is part two of a series. For part one see here

Part 2 - Replacing Bower with JSPM

In part 1 of this series we created a shiny new ASP.NET 5 project, and I introduced some fundamentals.

For reasons discussed in part 1, let’s now go ahead with our first task, which is to ditch Bower in favour of JSPM as our javascript package manager.

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