Dynamics CRM

How far does the XRM SDK's ExecuteMultipleRequest get you?

In this post, I will explore what kinds of things can be achieved using the SDK's ExecuteMultipleRequest, by starting of with a simple SQL command, and implementing a semantically equivalent ExecuteMultipleRequest, and then slowly introducing some additional complexity - so that, we can see some areas where the SDK starts to fall short!

CRM / Plugin Generated Values - and Reducing Roundtrips!

Imagine we have an application that uses the CRM SDK. It needs to:

The 'I don't care about network latency' way of dealing with this is to just do 2 seperate Requests (roundtrips) with the CRM server.

This approach is sub optimal where network latency is a concern, as it incurs the penalty of making two roundtrips accross the network with the server, where 1 is possible.

Let's now have a look at the "I'm running on a 56k modem method" of doing the same thing!

Unit Testing Dynamics CRM Plugins

The purpose of this post will be to look at the code for a fairly typical looking crm plugin, and examine how to implement a unit test with the least possible effort. Reduced Effort == Reduced Person Hours == Reduced Cost.

Remember, this is Unit Testing, not Integration testing - so at test time - there is no CRM!