About Me


Darrell Tunnell

CEO & Founder, Dazinator Ltd

Member of DNN Technology Advisory Group

Darrell Tunnell is currently the Lead Developer for a company that provides a platform for some of the biggest and most well-known names in the retail sector. In his spare time, he is also a member of the DNN Technology Advisory Group. He has worked on many projects in many different sectors over the years, including Sports, Government, Education, Travel Agencies & Tour Operators, Accounting & Finance etc. He is also CEO of his own company, Dazinator Ltd, which provides .NET Consulting. Perhaps your organisation is in need of a .NET consultant? Darrell is adept at helping organisations and teams navigate technical hurdles and transitions. Stop struggling, and Contact Me

Darrell is the creator of numerous open source projects, and a contributor to many more. He has written almost a million lines of code on Github since 2014: https://sourcerer.io/dazinator and some of his contributions are utilised by hundreds of dev teams globally and for free.

I like to innovate, with a focus on streamlining delivery and improving quality. I have experience architecting software solutions that span multiple logical and physical tiers. I have experience architecting high performance software and websites that scale elastically. I am the person that starts at an organisation that has been manually deploying their 15 year old massively complex and antiquated legacy system, and 3 months later, I have driven the adoption of a fully automated CI / CD process running on docker or in the cloud so that value is now being delivered continuously, consistently, and relatively effortlessly. I do not consider my job done once my code is checked into source control. I consider my job done well, once fully tested and high quality code is being shipped into production (not just from me, but from the entire team) - along with the right telemetry and monitoring to help inform the business and drive continuous improvement.